Tom (left) and Jack (right) stood in their uniforms in front of an ambulance. The ambulance is parked alongside them with its rear door open.

22 May 2020

London emergency services ‘blues brothers’ paired up on front line to tackle COVID-19

London Ambulance Service paramedic Jack Binder and his brother Tom Binder, a London Fire Brigade Leading Firefighter, have been working together responding in an ambulance as part of a new blue light partnership to help boost the ambulance service’s response to COVID-19.

The blue light brothers, Jack and Tom, both from Essex have worked on several shifts together since Tom started his secondment with the ambulance service a month ago.

The new partnership across the two emergency services has helped the ambulance service respond to the demand of the COVID-19 crisis with up to 300 staff from London Fire Brigade helping drive ambulances and assist medics as directed.

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