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20 Feb 2019

Child saves mum’s life by calling 999

A CHILD dialled 999 to get an ambulance after seeing her mum abandon an emergency call because she was too ill to ask for help.

Keisha Moore, 44, tried to phone London Ambulance Service after collapsing at home in pain but was unable to breathe – let alone talk.

Rihanna Malcolm-Moore, who was nine at the time, picked up the phone and made the 999 call.

She said: “I was really worried about my mum because she was in so much pain but I just wanted to help her.”

Keisha said: “I am so proud of her. She just took over. She told me she was calling an ambulance. She’s actually quite shy but she was able to stay calm and give our full address and contact details and say what had happened.”

19 Feb 2019

Life is sweet thanks to Honey!

A dog who saved the life of her owner is being celebrated by London Ambulance Service on Love Your Pet Day.

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