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Reporting incidents to us

Incident reporting

The most common categories of patient safety incident reports are:

  • A delay in an ambulance resource being provided
  • A breakdown in communications with ambulance staff
  • The clinical care provided by ambulance staff.

If you report an incident, we will investigate it and then provide you with a response and an explanation of any action we propose to take.

Depending on the severity of the issues you report, we may pass them to the department responsible and keep you informed with what is happening. Wherever possible, we will try to hold local liaison meetings to improve the working relationship we have with health and social care colleagues to increase understanding of our respective roles and practices. Our local ambulance operations manager or a member of the local management team will usually lead these meetings.

Serious incident reporting

We are committed to offering our full cooperation with any serious incident (SI) investigation. It is the responsibility of the organisation reporting the SI to ensure that other NHS organisations are informed of the SI if it relates to them.

If your Trust is considering declaring an SI, or has already declared an SI, please let us know by emailng our Governance and Compliance department and marking your notification ‘Serious Incident’.