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Talking with us

Remember, if someone is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk, you should call 999 immediately.

This section explains how you can contact us when it is not a medical emergency.

If you are a health professional please see the health professionals section for details on how to contact us.

If you know the name but not the telephone number of the person or department that you would like to contact, call our switchboard on 020 7783 2000. 

For more information on where we are, please visit our How to Find Us page.

Our Patient Experiences team is the first point of contact for the following:

  • Complaints
  • Quality Alerts (incident reports about the Trust by other health and social care professionals)
  • Requests for the records held by patients or their representatives
  • Recruitment enquiries

    To find out more about recruitment and careers in the Service, see our Working with us page.

    Or contact our recruitment department:

    Tel: 020 3069 0260
    Fax: 020 3069 0266
    Email: [email protected]

  • Information on volunteering

    Volunteers play a vital role across the NHS ‘donating’ millions of hours of their own time each year.

    Volunteering for the London Ambulance Service is a great way to use the experience you have, as well as to learn new skills.

    Find out more about volunteering in our Service.

  • Road closures, emergency planning and events

    Should you have an enquiry regarding the how the London Ambulance Service prepares for events, need to contact the department or have general enquiry relating to the emergency preparedness, resilience or response please contact the EPRR Department at

    [email protected]

    Department for Resilience and Specialist Assets
    Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response Unit
    London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
    Units 1 & 2 Datapoint Business Centre
    6 South Crescent
    Cody Road
    E16 4TL

  • Media requests

    If you have a media enquiry or want to arrange an interview or filming with our staff please contact our communications department.

    Communications Department
    London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
    220 Waterloo Road
    London SE1 8SD

    Tel: 020 7783 2117
    Fax: 020 7783 2120
    Email[email protected]

  • Supporting our charity and thanking our staff

    Our Charitable Fund

    Our charity is split into two. One fund supports our staff by improving their working environment and the other helps fund our volunteer responder programmes – valuable additional response resources helping us go to the aid of those in need in the capital and provide the best care to our patients.

    Find out more.

    Thanking our staff

    If you would like to send a card or letter to thank the staff that treated you, or to say thanks on behalf of someone else, please contact our staff recognition team.

  • 'Ride-outs', visits and observer shifts

    Please note that visits cannot be arranged for members of the public.

    If you are a healthcare professional and would like to arrange a placement, please email [email protected].

    If you work for a government agency or official body, please contact our communications team on [email protected]

    Please note that we are often very busy and unable to accommodate ride-outs with members of our staff.

    Find out more about requesting observer’s shifts.

    Our public education department can arrange for local members of staff to visit your community groups, schools or events to talk about our service and answer any questions you might have. Find out how to arrange a visit from us here.

    Tel: 020 3069 0383
    Email: [email protected].

  • Legal issues, solicitor’s enquiries and information for a police enquiry

    Our legal services department deals with any enquires about coroners’ inquests including requests for call records and health records (including patient report forms), witness statements, staff attendance or attendance at inquests and civil claims against us.

    Legal Services
    London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
    220 Waterloo Road
    London SE1 8SD

    Telephone: 020 7783 2105

    If you need information for a police enquiry please contact:

    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone: 020 3069 0320

    Solicitors can make enquiries and apply for call records and health records (including patient report forms) under the Data Protection Act 2018 and Access to Health Records Act 1990 in connection with a civil claim or criminal matter.

    Find out more about how to make a solicitor’s enquiry.

    Patient Experiences Department
    London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
    HQ Annexe
    8-20 Pocock Street
    SE1 0BW

    Tel: 020 3069 0229
    Fax: 020 3069 0239
    Email: [email protected]

  • Submitting a freedom of information request
  • Research enquiries

    For all research enquiries please contact the Research & Development Department via our Research page.

  • Reporting a concern about driving standards or incident involving one of our vehicles

    If you have been involved in a road traffic incident with one of our vehicles (where personal injury or damage has occurred)

    Please contact your insurance company in the first instance.  Our insurer is QBE Insurance Group, Tel: 0808 100 8181. Our policy number is Y005086. If our staff have not left any details with you, even if they were unaware of the incident, you will need to report the matter to the Police in order to obtain a Crime Reference Number.

    If you are concerned about the driving standards of our vehicles, including parking or if you have been involved in an altercation with our staff

    Our staff are expected to adhere to the Highway Code and comply with Road Traffic Law. All our staff have a duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of other staff, patients, passengers and other road users. Driving without due care and attention is a criminal offence and as such, does not fall within the NHS complaints procedure.

    Our crews – when parking on scene at an emergency call – will try to reduce any disruption to other road users or pedestrians when they park: but their priority is reaching patients as quickly and safely as possible.

    Our Patient Experiences team can look into parking by our vehicles you deem inconsiderate, driving by our staff that you consider to be careless or inconsiderate, or if you have been involved in an altercation with our staff. Please complete the form on this page.

  • Enquire about setting up or amending a care plan

    *We no longer accepts Patient Specific Protocols (PSPs).

    If you wish to notify us of a new or revised care plan, you will need to contact your GP or clinician responsible for your care in order for them to enter this information on to Coordinate My Care (CMC)

    All our frontline clinicians have access to CMC via their tablets now and can quickly access up to date medical information about the patient they are attending and treat them accordingly.

    Advice to patients with Addison’s disease/adrenal insufficiency
    Patients with Addison’s disease/adrenal insufficiency have historically approached the Trust to register their details with us. Working in close cooperation with the Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group ( we are now requesting these patients initially discuss their treatment plan with their GP or hospital clinician who will access CMC to add any care plan information.

  • Lost property enquiry

    We have a duty of care to ensure that a patient’s personal property is secured at the point of the incident and safely transported, with the patient, to the hospital.

    To report any missing items see our Lost property enquiry page.