Solicitors’ enquiries

Where legal action is not being taken against the Trust

The following applies where the matter in question does not involve the Trust:

Access to call records and medical records

When applying for a patient’s medical records please provide the following:

  • A written form of authority signed by the client.
  • The patient’s name, time and date of the incident, exact location, hospital conveyed to (if any). Please also provide the vehicle call sign and LAS CAD number of incident (if known).
  • Ensure the Patient Experiences reference number is quoted in any subsequent correspondence.

It is extremely time-consuming for all concerned when an inaccurate date or location is provided. To avoid unnecessary delays occurring please ensure accurate information is made available at the time of your initial approach. We will not be able to process any request where the requisite information is not made available.

Please apply to:

Email: [email protected]

Patient Experiences Department
Units 1&2 Datapoint Business Centre
6 South Crescent
E16 4TL

Update regarding requests for court statements, interviews with staff and witness questionnaires

In keeping with the advice we have offered to Coroners, given the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, current operational demand means that our staff are undertaking frontline duties and it is difficult to facilitate written statements and interviews at this time. As such it is difficult to say if and when staff will be available to assist.

Requests for court statements

We are often asked to provide a witness statement to confirm authenticity of the records held by the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust by solicitors and the police so that the records can be admitted in the appropriate form for Court proceedings.

It is understood that the signatory may then be called as a witness to the Court. However, the signatories will be acting in an administrative capacity and may not have any knowledge of the issues pertinent to the court proceedings or be able to provide expert opinion on the contents of the records. They will therefore sign the statements to this effect.

It follows that if ambulance staff are involved or expert opinion is required, this cannot be offered by the administrative teams and statements must be sought from the appropriate department through the Patient Experiences department for solicitors’ enquiries or through Operational Information and the Archives department for police enquiries.

Interviews with staff

In the majority of cases, provisions of the documentary records we hold usually prove sufficient for solicitors’ purposes. However, where an interview with the ambulance crew may be necessary, please contact the Patient Experiences office to discuss your requirements in the first instance.

Interviews can be arranged, but please note the following:

  • Willingness to participate is a matter for the individual concerned. Please bear in mind that staff may not recall more than they recorded in the assessment record, especially where a significant amount of time has elapsed since the incident in question.
  • Availability is subject to operational pressures
  • Interviews will be conducted at staff’s base ambulance station.
  • A fee will be levied at £119.00 per hour in relation to attending paramedics and £118.00 per hour in relation to emergency medical technicians.
  • Where you are acting for a party other than the patient, we will not be able to provide you with any patient specific information without the signed consent of the patient. Please contact the patient, their solicitor or representative to obtain this before you write to our office.

For further information please contact:

Patient Experiences Department
Units 1&2 Datapoint Business Centre
6 South Crescent
E16 4TL

Tel: 020 3069 0240
Fax: 020 3069 0239

Email[email protected]

Witness questionnaires

Experience has shown that it may be more convenient, cost effective and less time-consuming for staff to complete questionnaires rather than conduct face-to-face interviews. We suggest that the questionnaire should be of a reasonable length, for example up to 10 questions specific to the incident. The fee for each completed questionnaire is £100.00 per questionnaire.

Care proceedings and safeguarding matters

If your enquiry relates to these matters please contact [email protected]

Where legal action is intended

If legal action is intended against the Trust please contact:

Legal Services Department
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
220 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8SD

Tel: 020 7783 2105