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Our plans for the future

Our vision is to become a world-class ambulance service that is at the heart of urgent and emergency care in London, contributing towards Londoners having health outcomes that are amongst the best in the world.

To achieve this, we have set out an ambitious strategy that will see us change the way we deliver our Service:

We have also published a summary version of the full strategy document:


Background to our new strategy

We published our strategic intent at the end of 2017, which described our need for change and how we plan to evolve in order to achieve improved outcomes and a better experience for our patients.

After receiving feedback on this, we developed the new strategy itself.

We want to ensure our patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time

This will start at the point that people seek help. We want to become the single point of access in the capital for patients who need urgent or emergency care. However they choose to contact us – by phone or online – we will provide an integrated clinical assessment and prioritisation service that will mean they get the right care, first time round.

We will also enhance the care that we provide to all our patients. As well as continuing to provide fast, high-quality life-saving treatment for our most critically ill and injured patients, we will place greater emphasis on assessing and treating those with other clinical needs, only taking them to emergency departments when that is really needed.

We will start by developing a more specialised response to some key patient groups including people who have fallen, patients with mental health needs, maternity patients and those who are approaching the end of their lives.

We will treat more patients at home or on scene, and provide more clinical advice over the phone or online. And we will work with our commissioners and the rest of the NHS in London to develop a more consistent and equitable range of healthcare options, so that we can direct or take patients to the right place for their individual needs.

We can’t do this alone. We want to work with health and emergency service partners across the capital to deliver change that will provide care that is more consistent, fairer and better value – benefiting all our patients, and generating savings for the NHS as a whole.

Our Enabling Strategies

  • People and Culture Strategy

    Our People and Culture strategy details how we will create a richer, more supportive working environment with greater opportunities for learning and career development, attracting and retaining the best people in the country from all walks of life. As part of the people & culture strategy we developed a new set of organisational values, and a set of behaviours that we expect all of our staff to demonstrate

    Our five people & culture themes are: talent, development and growth; engagement and recognition; leadership, management and performance; inclusion and healthy workplace.

  • Learning and Education Strategy

    Our Learning and Education Strategy sets out how people’s development in clinical and non-clinical skills will be enhanced in new and innovative ways. We want to transform our learning and education offer for our people to enable easy access through user-friendly digital channels ‘anywhere, anytime, and on any device’.

    This strategy, aligned to our vision of being a first class employer, will transform the quality of learning and education at the London Ambulance Service, ensuring that we support all of our staff to grow in their roles and achieve their ambition for development.

  • Digital, Data and Technology Strategy

    As the only NHS provider Trust that operates across London, we are uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the wider digital transformation of urgent and emergency care across the capital. Our Digital strategy details how we will digitally empower our people to effectively deliver care for our patients whilst ensuring we are digitally connected to the wider NHS system

    We have identified seven pillars to underpin our Digital Strategy:

    1. Digitise the patient journey
    2. Connect clinicians and clinical data
    3. Interoperate across London
    4. Leverage external technology services
    5. Sustain and modernise our core services and infrastructure
    6. Build an advanced data and analytics capability
    7. Transform the employee experience
  • Clinical Strategy

    Our Clinical Strategy sets out the ways in which we will continually strive to deliver world-class care to all of our patients, ensuring that their individual needs are met in the best way to improve outcomes as well as their patient experience through the whole of the urgent and emergency care system.

    The Strategy outlines our vision to become the primary integrator of access to the urgent and emergency care sector, providing fully integrated 111/IUC and 999 services across London. It details how we intend to improve outcomes for our most seriously ill and injured patients, whilst providing better care and patient experiences for patients will urgent care needs.

  • Volunteering Strategy

    The Volunteering Strategy builds on the enthusiasm in London for volunteering and outlines our vision for creating a community of London Ambulance Service ‘life-changers’. It sets out our volunteering framework which is made up of four key areas:

    1. Specialist volunteers – patient facing volunteers such as emergency responders.
    2. Generalist volunteers – non-clinical roles such as volunteer drivers.
    3. A cadet scheme – recruiting a young and diverse base of cadets and providing them with personal development opportunities and life skills.
    4. First aiders & defibrillators – providing basic life skills training to the public as well as improving defibrillator placement across London.
  • Estates Vision

    Our estates vision sets out our desire to transform transform our estate in order to support our ambition to become a world-class ambulance service. This includes:

    • A future-proof operating model for our frontline estate – enabling rapid and efficient preparation and deployment of our frontline teams whilst providing the right facilities to support crews and others during their work
    • Innovative, fit-for-purpose training and development facilities – providing world-class training in dedicated training centres
    • Resilient, high quality control and contact centres – providing effective environments with the necessary capacity and resilience to respond to events
    • Transformed corporate estates – providing a high quality working environment that supports effective individual and team working whilst making better use of space

    The changes that we propose within our estates vision, whilst primarily about our physical estate, will act as a critical enabler to improving the way in which we run our organisation, provide care to patients and support our people.

  • Quality Strategy

    Our Quality Strategy outlines our goals and targets in providing high-quality services over the next year and, therefore, delivering our vision and objectives.

    Our goals are set out under each of our five quality domains, they include:

    • Safe – to eliminate avoidable harm to patients in our care and our staff as shown through a reduction in number of incidents causing severe and extreme harm.
    • Caring – to provide our patients with the best possible experience. Improving the care we give to vulnerable groups.
    • Effective – ensure staff are compliant in providing ‘best practice’ care and to be in the top quartile for all national clinical audit outcomes.
    • Responsive – to consistently meet all relevant national performance target standards through responsive patient care.
    • Well-Led – to increase the percentage of our people who have been trained and provided with leadership development.

    The quality domains match those used by the CQC to ensure we are making improvements aligned with our regulatory body’s expectations.