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Hearing from staff, patients, and system partners about the LAS strategy

In developing our strategy, we have engaged extensively both inside our organisation, with our partners and with our patients on how they would like to see us develop.

In preparation for writing the strategy we have:

  • Heard via local HealthWatch organisations from representatives of patients and the public in 26 London boroughs, together involving more than 2,100 people.
  • Engaged externally with 300 leaders in 60 health and care partner organisations, including borough councils and the Greater London Authority.
  • Conducted over 500 face-to-face interviews with LAS staff, reaching all parts of our organisation, in particular those working on the frontline.
  • Debated priorities with 360 LAS leaders in dedicated leadership sessions across the organisation.
  • Gathered ideas for change from an online crowdsourcing project in which 500 people from across our organisation took part.

You can read our engagement reports or a summary:

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