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Working with suppliers

We work with a number of suppliers to help ensure that we provide the best possible service to the public. Each year we spend approximately £150 million on a wide range of goods and services. We have a responsibility to ensure that all public money we receive is used as resourcefully as possible, and that we achieve the best value for money.

Message from Rakesh Patel, Chief Finance Officer:

As the Chief Finance Officer it is my responsibility to ensure that the Trust’s funds are used to provide the best possible care to our patients, and relationships between the Trust and its partners are transparent and fair. The Trust does not tolerate any form of bribery or fraud, whether direct or indirect, by, or of its staff, consultants or suppliers, or any persons or entities acting for it or on its behalf.

The board and senior management are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems throughout the Trust, including stringent policies and internal systems to prevent and detect bribery, in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010, and to counter fraud by ensuring compliance with the NHS Counter Fraud Authority requirement to comply with the Government Functional Standard for Counter Fraud. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and bribery and, working with our Local Counter Fraud Specialist, we will investigate any allegations raised, recover any misappropriate funds and hold to account anyone that attempts to defraud us.

Message from Damian McGuinness, Director of People & Culture and Counter Fraud Champion:

The success of the Trust’s anti-fraud and bribery measures depend on all employees, those acting for or on behalf of the Trust, and our patients; all playing their part in helping to detect and eradicate these offences. We would encourage anyone who suspects a fraud or bribery offence to report their concerns as soon as possible via the contacts detailed below. As Counter Fraud Champion, I am committed to working with the Local Counter Fraud Specialist in promoting a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and bribery, and can also be contacted should you have any questions about the Trust’s approach to fighting fraud and bribery.

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority is a special health authority tasked to lead the fight against fraud, bribery and corruption in the NHS. The NHS Counter Fraud Authority confidential reporting line can be reached (24/7) on 0800 028 40 60 and you can also use their online reporting form here. All reports are treated in confidence, and you have the option to report anonymously.

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