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Working with suppliers

We work with a number of suppliers to help ensure that we provide the best possible service to the public. Each year we spend approximately £78 million on a wide range of goods and services. We have a responsibility to ensure that all public money we receive is used as resourcefully as possible, and that we achieve the best value for money.

London Ambulance Service NHS Trust is committed to delivering good governance and always expects its directors and staff and volunteers to meet the highest standards of business conduct.

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011. The aim of the act is to tackle bribery and corruption in both the private and public sector.

One of the six principles of the Act demands that there is top level commitment in the organisation for preventing bribery. London Ambulance Service NHS Trust is committed to ensuring compliance with the Act and has a zero tolerance approach to fraud, corruption and bribery.

The Trust follows the Ministry of Justice guidance and NHS Counter Fraud Authority guidance to prevent and detect fraud, corruption and bribery and to have robust controls, policies and procedures in place to prevent fraud, corruption and bribery. The Trust’s Local Counter Fraud Specialist can be contacted if members of staff and volunteers have any concerns of fraud corruption or bribery.

On behalf of London Ambulance Service NHS Trust I would like to re-affirm our commitment to ensuring that the Trust is free from fraud, corruption and bribery and that all members of staff and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the prevention of bribery.

Lorraine Bewes OBE

Chief Finance Officer

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority is a special health authority tasked to lead the fight against fraud, bribery and corruption in the NHS. The NHS Counter Fraud Authority confidential reporting line can be reached (24/7) on 0800 028 40 60 and you can also use their online reporting form here. All reports are treated in confidence, and you have the option to report anonymously.

You can also contact our auditors Grant Thornton regarding counter fraud, bribery or corruption issues via this email.

  • Procurement strategy

    Our procurement team is responsible for ensuring that the right quality and quantity of equipment, materials and services are delivered on time to the Service, for the most advantageous overall cost.

    We comply with the Public Contract Regulations 2006.

  • Who we work with

    We work with the National Ambulance Procurement Hub, the NHS London Procurement Programme, the Office of Government Commerce, the Metropolitan Police, the London Fire Brigade and Transport for London, amongst others, to ensure that we deliver high-quality, effective public sector procurement.

  • What we buy

    As well as our frontline staff and services, we have a number of support departments, working behind the scenes across the capital. All these departments require services and products.

    Our principal areas of spend include:

    Information technology

    • Desktops and services
    • Communications technology
    • Networks

    Fleet and logistics

    • Emergency vehicles
    • Accident damage repairs
    • Fuel


    • Defibrillators and associated equipment
    • Medical gases
    • Medical consumables, bandages, gloves etc

    Professional services

    • HR recruitment
    • Travel and accommodation
    • Insurance
  • Responsible procurement

    Corporate social responsibility

    We are committed to sustainable procurement by ensuring that social, economic and environmental issues are considered during all stages of the procurement process and as part of the whole-life cost of a contract.

    Equality and inclusion

    We are committed to fostering a diverse supplier base and aim to ensure that businesses of diverse backgrounds and ownership have the opportunity to become valued suppliers.

  • Current tender opportunities

    The London Ambulance Service uses an electronic tendering system This means all tenders will only be accepted electronically. How to put yourself forwards for a tender will be outlined against each tender opportunity listed.

  • Information for providers

    The Service procures a variety of goods and services from a global supply chain. Our suppliers are integral to delivering the best healthcare service to the communities we serve in London

    Becoming a supplier

    As an NHS Trust we must advertise and/or obtain quotations/tenders for the goods and services we procure. This allows for fair, transparent and equal competition within the marketplace.

    We utilise frameworks let by other appropriate public sector bodies and for our specific requirements we advertise contract opportunities through our e-tendering software. Registration and access to this website is free.

    Terms and conditions

    NHS terms and conditions for the provision of goods and/or services form the basis of our contracts unless agreed otherwise in writing. These can be found here.

    Tips for responding to tenders

    • Read the information for providers and the specification – always ask clarification questions.
    • Answer in full – do not assume anything is obvious – we can only evaluate what is written down in your answer.
    • Focus answers on the questions – we can only evaluate what is relevant – demonstrate how you will meet the requirements of the tender.
    • Be clear on your pricing model – state any assumptions – provide full costings.
    • Check that you have signed and returned the declarations.
  • Coronavirus - list of suppliers undertaking essential works at LAS sites
    • A.V Autos
    • Accent Services
    • Airwave Solutions
    • Alfa Tailifts Ltd
    • Allan Day VW Ltd
    • Alliance Automatic
    • Antares Ltd
    • Assa Abloy
    • ATS Euromaster
    • Avatar Electrical Ltd
    • BHC Healthcare Furniture
    • Boleyn’s Recovery Ltd
    • Borahurst Ltd
    • Brendan Boyle Architects
    • C&S Motor Group
    • Cannon’s Ltd
    • Carnation Design Ltd
    • CCS
    • Certas
    • Computer Power Protection Ltd
    • Coniston Ltd
    • Cooper Clarke
    • Costello Auto Transport
    • Elite Engineering
    • Emperor Roofing
    • Euro Carparts Ltd
    • Ferno Washington
    • Fulkers Bailey Russell
    • GDP Electrical
    • Glide Rite Products
    • Goldsmiths
    • Gray Dungate Poole Ltd (GDP)
    • Gretton Ward Electrical Ltd
    • Hospital Metalcraft Ltd (Bristol Maid)
    • J A Pullen Ltd
    • Jany (Be-Ge)
    • Johnson Apparelmaster
    • Jubilee Coachworks
    • KIS Electrical Ltd
    • London Wall Design Ltd
    • Mansfield
    • Marshalls
    • ML Communications Ltd
    • OrderWise
    • Parogon Contracts Limited
    • President Blinds Ltd
    • Prestige Security Ltd
    • Principle Communications Ltd
    • Provelio Ltd
    • R&J Motors Ltd
    • Rossets Commercials
    • Rygor Commercials Ltd
    • S & B Commercials Ltd
    • SBFI
    • Secom
    • Smith & Co
    • Source Fire Ltd
    • Sparshatt Mercedes Benz
    • Specialist Auto Windscreens Ltd
    • Stryker
    • Surrey Move Management
    • Taylor Whalley Spyra Ltd
    • Telent
    • Tersus Consultancy Ltd
    • The Parts Specialist (VW Group)
    • Trans City Skoda
    • Trenton Fire Ltd
    • VB-Airsuspension
    • Webasto
    • Wilker Auto Conversions Ltd
    • Wilker UK Ltd
    • William Fox & Sons
    • Woodway Engineering Ltd