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Apprenticeship opportunities

At London Ambulance Service we offer apprenticeship programmes to help our staff expand their knowledge, skills and competencies and develop in their careers. We are delighted to be in the top 100 Apprenticeship Employees in the country and the top NHS trust.

Apprenticeships are a great way to progress within your career with us. If you’re considering a career in our Service and you do not have a paramedic degree, our apprenticeships could be an alternative route to that role.

If you have any questions about our apprenticeship opportunities, get in touch!

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Naz's story on joining us and doing a paramedic apprenticeship

Our LAS Inclusive Response Programme

Have you ever wondered what a frontline career in the London Ambulance Service would be like?

This could be your opportunity to start an exciting career in the ambulance service and save lives with #TeamLAS!

We have launched a four-week programme at Newham Dockside Education Centre to offer support to London jobseekers who are interested in our frontline ambulance apprenticeships.

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A patient in a wheelchair being tail-lifted into the back of an ambulance, supported by an ambulance crew.

The LAS career pathway for frontline ambulance staff

Our Frontline Ambulance Service apprenticeships are a great career pathway that commence with a level 3 apprenticeship and allows individuals to progress right through to a degree apprenticeship and to becoming a fully qualified Paramedic in just over 4 years.

Here, you would not need to have prior medical qualifications or experience and you would be earning and learning whilst undertaking the apprenticeships and remaining employed in a frontline role with the London Ambulance Service.

These are the four levels of the career pathway for frontline ambulance staff:

1) Non-Emergency Transport Service (NETS)

1) Non-Emergency Transport Service (NETS)

  • Non-Apprenticeship
  • 2 months on and off the job training

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2) Assistant Ambulance Practitioner (AAP)

2) Assistant Ambulance Practitioner (AAP)

  • Apprenticeship
  • Level 3 Ambulance Support Worker Standard
  • 13 months of training

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3) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Apprenticeship
  • Level 4 Associate Ambulance Practitioner Standard
  • 15 months of training

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4) Paramedic

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