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London Ambulance Service celebrates diversity at Pride in London 2024

Additional London Ambulance Service staff will be working alongside the Pride march in central London this weekend to offer support and healthcare to those in need, while off-duty members of our LGBT+ staff network will join the parade to mark the occasion beside our local communities, our volunteers and patients.

Picture of a London Ambulance with the Pride flag decorated on the front and side.

Members of our staff who are not working on the day will be joining the parade, following a specially decorated ambulance float to celebrate the LGBT+ community and the Pride in London message.

And as with any major event in the city, we have made plans for additional demand on our services and have worked with our partners in healthcare and local authorities to help ensure the parade is a success, with crews on the ground to ensure the event passes safely.

Darren Farmer, Director of Ambulance Services, said: “I wish Londoners a very happy Pride. We are proud to celebrate and embrace London’s LGBT+ community and it’s fantastic to have our own staff and volunteers taking part in the parade again this year – do give them a wave if you see them!

“If you are attending any of the central London events and might be drinking alcohol, we ask that you drink responsibly. You don’t want to end your night in the back of an ambulance.

“Please plan how you are going to get home ahead of time and look out for your friends and loved ones.

“It’s also very important given the warm weather to drink plenty of water throughout the day, dress appropriately for the weather and wear sunscreen.

“It’s going to be another busy weekend of events across the capital, so we will have a number of resources available to respond to incidents if needed, and we are working closely with partner agencies to ensure that people are kept safe. Our teams will be ready to help you, on the phone or on scene, but please remember to use 999 wisely.”

Ahead of the celebrations, LAS staff who are joining in the parade spoke about what Pride means to them.

Paramedic Sam Rule, who is the LGBT+ Network’s representative for transgender and non-binary issues and who worked on the LAS Pride London float, said: “Pride is a time of celebration, of who we are, of how we live and the strength it takes to be our authentic selves. For me, pride is a reminder of our history and how far we have come but also how far we have to go. We march not only for ourselves, but for those who came before us and everyone who will come after.

“I’m proud to represent the London Ambulance service at pride every year, especially this year having helped organise the parade, it brings me so much joy to be able to bring the service into the celebration. Seeing the ambulance service at London Pride fills me with hope that everyone who needs us will know that they are safe with those in green. We all deserve to feel safe when at work or when accessing healthcare.

“To my colleagues, both members of the community and allies remember to be safe, remember there is always more to learn, mistakes will happen but growth will come from them.

“To everyone celebrating pride this weekend, whether you’re out and proud, in the closet, questioning yourself or you’re unsure remember: you’re loved, you belong, you’re valuable and that we are stronger together.”

Emily Simpson, Dispatch Performance Manager and Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Network, said:

“I’m incredibly proud to be celebrating Pride in London as a part of LAS. This year’s march is about embracing every shade and celebrating diversity which are core values of London Ambulance Service.

“Throughout my career, I have found LAS to be a warm, welcoming and supportive place for me. My identity, including my sexuality, has never been a barrier to opportunities and development. I hope the Service’s participation at this year’s Pride in London showcases the inclusivity of this workplace and inspires others to bring their authentic selves to work.”

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