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8 Nov 2019

Trauma medics use 999 callers’ mobile phone camera to help most seriously injured people in the capital

Trauma paramedics are using 999 callers’ mobile phone cameras to get ‘on-scene’ at serious incidents such as stabbings and road traffic collisions in seconds rather than minutes.

In the first use of the technology in the capital for serious trauma incidents, paramedics in the London Ambulance Service control room ask 999 callers’ to remotely access their smartphone cameras to quickly understand a patient’s injuries and help decide if resources like London’s Air Ambulance are needed.

If a caller gives permission, they are sent a text asking them to click and accept a link which then sends a stream from their camera phone to the medics in the control room. The platform also has technology medics can use to measure a pulse from the video stream and also can instantly locate the caller.

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Lizzie Smith

8 Nov 2019

Patient who assaulted ambulance staff during medical treatment convicted

A man who groped a medic who was helping to treat him for a head injury has been found guilty of sexual assault.

Sabeh Shalmair was placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years, ordered to do 120 hours of community service, and given a £250 fine.

Emergency Ambulance Crew medic Lizzie Smith, 25, and a colleague were called to an altercation in Willesden High Road, NW10, one Friday night in June this year.

While treating Shalmair in the ambulance for facial cuts, he stared at Lizzie repeatedly and tried to maintain long periods of eye contact, making her uncomfortable. When she reached across the ambulance to put something in a bin, he grabbed her bottom.  Police were already on the scene for the altercation and Shalmair was later arrested.

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Ambulance and car

6 Nov 2019

Safety warning as fireworks are aimed at our ambulance crews

On Saturday night (2 November) a firework was aimed at one of our ambulance crews who were driving on blue lights and sirens to an emergency in Finsbury Park.

The firework exploded near the windshield of the ambulance forcing the crew to swerve and perform an emergency stop. Luckily the crew weren’t treating a patient in the back of the ambulance, but the incident could have delayed or stopped them getting to a patient who needed them, or even have harmed them. 

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Staff join together to celebrate Black History Month

31 Oct 2019

Celebrating Black History Month

We are so proud to serve one of the most diverse cities in the world, and even prouder of the culture and histories of our staff, so all month we’ve been celebrating Black History Month.

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Winning the Freedom To Speak Up Index 2019 award

18 Oct 2019

We’re named the most improved NHS Trust for our freedom to speak up culture

We’ve been recognised as the most improved NHS Trust in England for our speaking up culture in the Freedom to Speak Up Index 2019 awards. 

Our FTSU Guardian, Katy said: “I’m really proud we have been presented this award. It’s not just a measure of FTSU, but reflects all the changes we’ve made to improve our response to concerns raised by our staff, managers, unions and previous guardians.”

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Perfect Day call a colleague desk

2 Oct 2019

A ‘Perfect Day’ for those in need of urgent and emergency care in north east London

On Monday 30 September, we joined our health partners in north eat London to embark on a ground-breaking event to reduce the number of people being taken unnecessarily to hospital by ambulance, while delivering better patient care and outcomes.

On the ‘Perfect Day’, just 48.9% of the 505 patients who needed assistance from 999 between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm needed to go to hospital, meaning that over 51% of patients were able to be treated at, or nearer to, home.

Lowering the number of patients being taken unnecessarily to hospital and treating more patients closer to home is better for patients, better for families and better for the NHS.

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999 family

20 Sep 2019

Emergency services thanked as new statistics reveal extent of abuse

Emergency services heroes will receive a ‘thank you’ for the vital job they do as figures released today reveal the scale of physical and verbal abuse they face in the line of duty.

On Friday (20 September) teams from London Ambulance Service, the Metropolitan Police Service and London Fire Brigade will mark the first ever ‘Awesome Movement Day’ celebration which calls on the public to show appreciation for their work

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