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Dramatic short film featuring London Ambulance Service paramedic released

A dramatic short film giving a glimpse into the rewarding work of a paramedic at London Ambulance Service is being released today.

Marek Lowicz-Brady features in the six-minute film which sees him working as a solo paramedic in a fast response car.

He was followed by a film crew from car manufacturer Ford for a busy day and night shift, giving viewers an insight into life on the frontline in the capital.

Marek said: “Being able to help in a crisis is what makes it different to other medical roles.

“You never know what you’re going to attend and working as a solo paramedic, you’re reliant on your own decision-making. You are exposed to a lot of very rapidly-changing and dynamic scenes.”

In one intense scene, Marek is called to a stabbing in Whitehall. He is the first paramedic to arrive, saving the life of a man who is very seriously injured.

He is also sent to a man found slumped in a telephone box and suspected of having suffered a heart attack.

A picture of Marek in his London Ambulance paramedic uniform at Waterloo Ambulance Station.

When treating each patient, Marek demonstrates the care, compassion and clinical skills needed to be a paramedic in London.

He said: “We do have people’s lives in our hands with the decisions we are making and I see that as an enormous privilege and the weight of that is not lost on me.

“The rewards you get from this job: there’s nothing else like it. Knowing you can make such a huge impact on people and make a difference to someone’s physical health, their psychiatric health or a crisis they might be in.”

The other star of the film, is the car Marek is driving: a new electric Mustang Mach-E.

The fleet team at LAS has bought 42 of the iconic cars as part of its ambition to cut carbon emissions.

Daniel Elkeles, LAS Chief Executive, said: “We want to have the lowest carbon-emitting fleet of emergency vehicles that we can and these Ford Mustangs are an integral part of how we are going to do that.

“I believe we have the largest fleet of electric vehicles in any emergency service in the UK.

“Having cleaner and greener vehicles is extremely important in improving air quality – not just for our people and our patients – but also for the health of our communities across London.”

The battery life of a Mustang can cover more than 300 miles, meaning they can easily cover a 12-hour shift on a single charge.

That means paramedics like Marek can spend more time on the road saving lives.

If you would like a career with London Ambulance Service, you can find our vacancies and opportunities here.

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