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London Ambulance Service driving towards zero emission goal with fleet of Mustangs

A fleet of electric Mustang Mach-E cars have hit the capital’s streets as part of London Ambulance Service’s mission to ‘green up’ its vehicles.

Seven of the iconic cars are already in use with a further 35 being delivered over the next few weeks, making this the biggest fully electric fleet of Fast Response Units (FRUs) in the UK.

Daniel Elkeles, Chief Executive of London Ambulance Service (LAS), said: “I’m very proud we have the biggest electric fleet of fast response cars in the country and we can contribute to reaching net zero.

“Having cleaner and greener vehicles is extremely important in improving air quality – not just for our people and our patients – but also for the health of our communities across London.”

The cars have been converted to suit paramedics responding to 999 emergencies in the capital.

It takes just 40 minutes to charge the Mustang battery to 80 per cent and that allows the car to travel more than 300 miles, which is about ten times further than an ambulance would normally cover on a shift.

The blue lights and sirens are powered by a 12-volt battery rather than the car’s drive battery but the Service is fitting solar panels to the cars to make them even more environmentally-friendly.

As part of a £31 million investment programme, the Service is also investing in charging infrastructure across its sites and ambulance stations, as well as recruiting new mechanics and upskilling current mechanics to help maintain its growing modern fleet.


The Mustangs are fitted with a Crew Safety System to help keep clinicians safe. The system includes video cameras, panic buttons and electronic tracking.

Last year, the Service introduced three electric motorcycles to its fleet – the first ambulance service in the country to do so.

And in August four fully electric ambulances will be rolled out.

As well as the fully electric ambulances, cars and motorcycles, LAS also has 10 London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) electric vehicles which are used by our teams to travel around London teaching first aid.

The Service has a further 18 hybrid vans and 13 plug in hybrid cars.

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