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Staying well in the warmer weather – a message from LAS Gold Commander Pauline Cranmer

As the sun comes out and temperatures rise this week and over the weekend– many of us will be looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and fine weather.Ambulance in front of Tower Bridge of sunny day

But please be aware of the dangers of spending too long in the sun and the health risks of hot weather.

Try to stick to shade and wear sun cream.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight – especially between 11am and 3pm when the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest.

In warmer weather it’s also really important to drink plenty of water. If you’re heading out, take a bottle of water with you.

Keeping hydrated is especially important if you’re drinking alcohol. It’s a good idea to drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks.

And please be sensible when drinking so your night doesn’t end in an ambulance or A&E.The side of an ambulance parked in an ambulance station with sunny blue sky in the background

We are busy at the moment in our 999 and 111 control rooms.

Our teams are working really hard to ensure we can give Londoners the best care and treatment – and I want to thank all our staff and volunteers for their efforts.

In this time of increased pressure on our services, please help us to help you.

If you need urgent medical help, but you don’t need an emergency ambulance, go to NHS 111 online.

Here, you’ll be asked some questions about your health concern, and then be advised on what to do and where to get the help you need.

If you’re unsure what to do, go online to NHS 111.

And for less urgent health problems, don’t forget you can contact your GP or local pharmacy.

Thank you for your support.

Pauline Cranmer – London Ambulance Service Director of Ambulance Services and ‘Gold’ Commander this weekend

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