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Memorial bench erected at hospital in memory of popular ambulance technician

Robbie photographed in an ambulance cab smiling
Robbie Muir

A memorial bench has been unveiled at Queen’s Hospital in Romford in memory of a London Ambulance Service medic who passed away.

Emergency Medical Technician Robbie Muir died in December last year.

He had worked for the Service out of Romford complex for more than 25 years and as well as being much-loved by his ambulance service colleagues, he was also a popular figure and known by many at Queen’s Hospital.

To remember Robbie, his partner Jo Player – along with the Emergency Department (ED) and Clinical Operations teams at Queen’s – came up with the idea for the bench and plaque at the hospital.

Jo also chose the words engraved on the plaque:    The memorial bench with a bouquet of flowers

“You’ll be in my thoughts, until we meet again. Robbie Muir 1972 – 2020”.

Stewart Ryan, Clinical Operations Support at Queen’s Hospital, who was involved in the fundraising, said:

“The bench is more than just a bench. Robbie’s colleagues in the London Ambulance Service and all our ED staff can sit on it, and remember all the good times they had with Robbie.

“We placed it out the back of ED so the LAS can use it, as they worked with him for many years. Robbie is now a permanent fixture at Queen’s, everyone who knew him can now remember him in their own special way.

“I would like to thank Marshalls Landscape Protection, Sodexo, the Estates team, Sister Vanessa and the rest of ED, and our Clinical Ops team for helping to contribute to this memorial.”

Garrett Emmerson, London Ambulance Service chief executive, said:

“The memorial bench at Queen’s Hospital in remembrance of our well-loved medic, Robbie, is a true testament to the impact he made on the lives of others.

“Robbie is remembered for his warmth, dedication and empathy he showed to his patients, but, also for the support and kindness he offered his colleagues. I’m sure this bench will help to provide a quiet place for staff to sit and reflect on all the fond memories of our friend and colleague.”

The engraving on the bench which reads You’ll be in my thoughts, until we meet again. Robbie Muir 1972 to 2020

Paramedic and long-time friend of Robbie, Paul Abela added:

“Robbie would be extremely proud knowing that the ED staff that he worked closely with for over 25 years were so generous and thoughtful.

“Providing a memorial bench in his honour, will allow both ED and ambulance staff to take a moment’s rest in their busy schedules.

“This shows how loved and well respected Robbie was by other colleagues within the NHS”

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