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Volunteer responders

We have a well-established system of voluntary responders who are dispatched to 999 emergencies alongside our ambulance crews or from their own homes. There are different types of volunteer responder:

Emergency Responders

Emergency Responders (ERs) are London Ambulance Service-trained volunteers who attend a range of emergency calls in Service uniform and in blue-light response cars.

These volunteers respond in charity-funded blue light vehicles and work under London Ambulance Service management and policies. They also work alongside crews in ambulances.

We currently have nearly 150 volunteers in our Emergency Responder team.

Find out more about our Emergency Responders here.

Community First Responders 

Community First Responders (CFRs) are St John Ambulance volunteers who respond to 999 calls in their own car alongside ambulances.

They are trained to use defibrillators and respond alongside us to life-threatening emergency calls in their area. They are given equipment and support and respond in their own time.

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