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‘You had me at 999’ – blue-light couple recalls emergency that lit up their romance

A paramedic and a police officer have recalled the moment romantic sparks started to fly in an episode of the capital’s newest dating podcast.

London Ambulance Service paramedic Paige Wilkins and Met police officer Rob Wilkins found love in 2018 after responding to a brawl in a takeaway chicken shop in north London.

Five years after their cinematic meet-cute, Rob and Paige have shared their story on the latest episode of the Evening Standard’s new podcast, London Love Stories with Katie Strick.

Paige Wilkins, Paramedic at London Ambulance Service, recalls: “I was on a night shift, it was my second incident of the night and we get vague details: it was in a chicken shop, there was a fight and police were on scene.

“I remember walking in. It was quite chaotic.”

Rob and Paige’s eyes met briefly, but the patients declined medical treatment so she returned to her ambulance.

After Rob calmed the scene, Paige heard a knock on the ambulance door.

She continues: “Rob had some blood on his shirt, so he knocked and asked if he could have some wipes. I was writing up my notes and Rob was cleaning his shirt.”

“I remember he had this tight, white top on. He definitely smiled at me and then we just chatted, there was definitely some energy in the air.”

But suddenly Rob’s radio went off and he rushed off to the next emergency.

Paige noted Rob’s name badge. And after a successful social media search with her housemate, she found him on Facebook and sent him a message.

Rob couldn’t believe his eyes.

He said: “I suggested we go for a drink in Leicester Square and Soho – Paige hadn’t explored much around there so I got to show her some of my favourite places.

Paige said: “By the end of the date, my face was hurting from how much we’d laughed.”

In a funny and honest conversation with Katie Strick, Paige and Rob talked about the highs and lows of their love story since the unexpected encounter, including winning the wedding of their dreams, juggling shift work, and looking after each other during the pandemic.

They even opened up about what they think love means for them.

Paige said: “When I come home, I want my husband to be there for me. Someone looking out for me and my welfare, that’s what I think love is.”

And to all those starting to date someone, Rob suggested: “Appreciate each other as people first, then build a relationship from there. It’s going to last longer if you set the foundations correctly.”

Rob and Paige’s episode is now available on London Love Stories with Katie Strick. Listen to their love story.

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