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Our estates vision

In our organisation strategy, which was agreed by our Trust Board in 2018, we highlighted how we plan to transform our estate to better serve our patients and to improve our staff and volunteers’ places of work.

This will also reduce our costs and be better for the environment.A row of ambulances being prepared in an ambulance station

Being smarter with how we plan and run our estate will help us to use our space and time efficiently, whether this be where our ambulance crews start and end their shifts, delivering state of the art training or in our management and leadership roles.

Our estates vision which was agreed by our Board in 2019, involves:

  • A new model for our operational estate – enabling rapid and efficient preparation and deployment of our ambulance crews and responders while also providing the right facilities to support ambulance crews and others during their work
  • Innovative, state of the art, training and development facilities – involving both dedicated training centres and the ability to be mobile in providing our training – in locations that are right for our staff and volunteers
  • Resilient, high quality, control centres – providing effective working environments with the necessary capacity and resilience to respond to incidents
  • Transformed corporate estate – that provides a far better office environment that supports effective individual and team working while reducing costs by more efficient use of office areas

In focusing on providing the best possible working environment for our staff and volunteers through these changes, we hope this will enable us to achieve our vision of being a first-class employer and a world class ambulance service for our patients across London.