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App technology to help save lives

We have partnered with GoodSAM app so our clinically trained ambulance staff and members of the public with basic life-support skills, trained to an LAS standard, can sign up as volunteers to respond to life-threatening emergency calls, including cardiac arrests.

This ground-breaking project sees clinically trained London Ambulance Service volunteer responders – paramedics, for example – responding to alerts of life-threatening incidents via the GoodSAM app on their smartphone.

The sooner effective cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is started, the better the chance of survival for the patient. If a defibrillator is readily available, patients are six times as likely to survive.

As a life-threatening medical emergency call is received in our control room and a medical crew is immediately dispatched, an alert is also sent to up to three volunteers who are logged in to the system and identified as being within a few hundred meters of the incident.

The responder will also be advised of the location of the nearest defibrillator. When a public access defibrillator is used in cardiac arrest, the overall survival rate to discharge is 58.6 per cent.

Find out more about the Good SAM app.

Who can volunteer to be a responder?

Volunteer responders with basic life-support skills who are affiliated or trained to an LAS Standard, are eligible to register on the GoodSAM app selecting London Ambulance Service as the verifying organisation.

Those who are not LAS trained or affiliated should select GoodSAM as the verifying organisation.

Visit the GoodSAM website for more about the app or contact the London Ambulance Service by emailing [email protected]

More information on our partners


Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. They are dedicated to supporting ideas that can help improve all our lives, with activities ranging from early-stage investment to in-depth research and practical programmes.

Find out more about NESTA by visiting their website –

Good SAM App

The Good SAM App is a tool utilising the latest in App development to alert those with medical training to nearby emergencies so that potentially life-saving interventions can be given before emergency services arrive.

Getting a defibrillator quickly to someone suffering a cardiac arrest can often mean the difference between life and death!

To find out more about the Good Sam App please visit their website –

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