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Our EDI Strategy and Objectives

With the strengthening and formalising of the EDI Team in 2023 we are excited to have clear EDI Priorities in 2023/24. The Priorities align with the Trust’s overarching Strategy, as well as high impact EDI actions identified by NHS England. Progress against these priorities will be monitored by the EDI Committee, a sub-group of the Board, alongside an EDI Implementation Group.

Objective 1: Foster proactively a diverse and open culture with an equitable working environment, including through staff training on discrimination and impactful staff networks.

Objective 2: Make measurable improvement on attracting and retaining a workforce that represents London, reaching out to relevant communities and helping staff to build great careers.

Objective 3: Generate clear leadership accountability for action based on good management data and staff feedback, including compliance with legislation and equality standards.

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