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The services we offer

Who we are

We work closely with hospitals and other healthcare professionals, as well as with the other emergency services. We are also central to the emergency response to major incidents and terrorist threats in the capital.

For more information about who we are and what we do, visit our about us section.

Our key services

  • Providing an emergency response
    As the mobile arm of the health service in London, our main role is to respond to emergency 999 calls, getting medical help to patients who have serious or life-threatening injuries or illnesses as quickly as possible.
  • Responding to less serious calls
    The majority of our patients, however, do not have serious or life-threatening conditions. And they don’t need to be sent an ambulance on blue lights and sirens. Often they can receive more appropriate care somewhere other than at hospital.
  • Caring for you in a clean environment
    Infection prevention and control is the responsibility of every member of our staff, especially those treating and facing patients. We are committed to providing a clean and hygienic environment to treat you in.
  • Taking patients to hospital appointments
    We run a Patient Transport Service which provides pre-arranged transportation for patients to and from their hospital appointments. This service operates in an open market in which we compete against other providers, often private companies, for contracts with hospitals.
  • Finding hospital beds
    In addition, we manage the Emergency Bed Service, a bed-finding system for NHS healthcare professionals who need to make arrangements for their seriously-ill patients.
  • Dealing with major incidents
    As an emergency service in the capital we need to be prepared to deal with large-scale incidents. The biggest challenge we have ever faced was during the London bombings in July 2005.


Information for the media, including press releases and campaigns, can be found in the news section.

Patient experiences

Our patient experiences team deals with all patient-related questions and concerns as well as receiving and passing on feedback about our service.


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