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London Ambulance Service takes part in documentary series to showcase our work

Image shows an LAS fast-response car on blue lights at night.

A documentary series following teams at London Ambulance Service as they care for Londoners is being filmed.

Between now and the end of March, cameras will be in our control rooms and out on shift with a small number of ambulances filming our paramedics as they treat patients around the city. The documentary, for a major TV channel, will be aired later this year.

Patients and relatives may see a producer with a camera accompanying our paramedics. London Ambulance Service staff will ensure that the patient understands why the camera is there and seek their consent for filming to take place. Even if permission is given, there is opportunity to consider more fully ahead of broadcast as well as withdraw consent for the footage to be screened.

London Ambulance Service’s Trust Board took the decision to take part because it feels as a public body we have a duty to be open with the public about our work and be transparent about the challenges we face and how we are trying to overcome them. However, we absolutely understand that we have a primary responsibility to our patients to protect their privacy.

If you have any concerns about filming or encounter our staff with a small film crew and have further questions about the process please contact Sam Matthews, Head of Media, on 020 7783 2117.



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