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Behind the Sirens podcast

They’re on the roads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, responding to over 9 million Londoners, but what really goes on behind the sirens?

From major incidents to prank callers, this blue light podcast gives you a peak into the day to day life of staff in one of the world’s busiest ambulance services.

Behind the Sirens is the perfect buddy for your commute. Join our host, Andrew, as he delves in what happens behind the sirens at London Ambulance Service. We’ll be meeting our mental health team, chatting with some of our paramedics, delving in to what life is like in our 999 control room and talking about major incidents. Subscribe now wherever you normally listen to your podcasts to be first to hear about our latest episodes.

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Behind the sirens podcast

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  • Episodes

    Episode one: Mental health team

    Did you know we have a mental health team who respond to calls from people experiencing a mental health crisis? They’re incredible!

    In this episode, we chat with clinicians Carly Lynch and Ben Lawrie about all things mental health; from how this pioneering service works to what we should do if we’re having a mental health crisis. Make sure to listen out for their ambulance siren noises at the end!


    Episode two: Paramedics 

    Ever wondered what it’s like on the frontline? Two of our AMAZING paramedics, Becky and Lauren, join us on this episode to discuss responding to life threatening calls, the jobs that stay with you years later and what it’s like to be paired with a crewmate and…ya ain’t clickin! It’s all happening on this episode…so prepare to laugh and get ready for some impressive soprano range ambulance noises. Don’t forget to subscribe and join in the discussion with us on social media.


    Episode three: Major incidents/Gold command

    We have lucked out with our three guests this week who are discussing all things major incidents and ‘GOLD’ command. Operations managers Stuart Crichton, Peter Rhodes and Graham Norton have a combined 73 years of working for us. Wisdom, right? They join us to discuss what it’s like looking after London at night, and the emotional side of responding to severe or major incidents. No spoilers here…but Peter Rhodes also shares some pretty revealing stories from his past, and Stuart juggles. Literally. Don’t miss this one.


    Episode four: Staff wellbeing in an ambulance service 

    Coming out on Sunday 14 July. Extra-curricular superstars and wellbeing gurus, Jules Lockett and Kieran Mulligan, chat with us about what we do to promote positive working environments. This is an episode for anyone who might be looking for tips on how to chill or ideas on how to implement and promote wellbeing in your own place of work. Let’s get Zen!


    Episode five: 999 operations centre 

    Coming out Sunday 21 July. In our final episode, we talk about what actually happens when you call 999, alongside some of our most stressful…and strangest calls.