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Managing patients’ needs

As a multi-disciplinary group, the team has developed a proactive approach to addressing the individual needs of the patients concerned and to achieving positive outcomes for both them and our service.

Working with other NHS trusts

By working with GPs, primary and acute trust and social care colleagues and other healthcare professionals, new and innovative responses have been developed.

These include:

  • Developing ‘individual dispatch protocols’.
  • Working with social care colleagues to develop or adjust care plans or encourage the supply of aids and adaptations (e.g. social alarms, bed slides, increasing domiciliary care)
  • Setting up case conferences or strategy discussions with other parties involved in the patient’s treatment or care.
  • Developing locally based forums consisting of representatives from a range of other services, including A&E staff, community matrons and primary and social care colleagues, to share information and discuss individual care plans
  • Visiting patients together with primary care and/or social care colleagues to better understand their needs, using the all evidence of the patient’s 999 call volume history.