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COVID-19 support

Thank you for your interest in supporting us during this time of unprecedented levels of demand on our services.

We have received kind offers to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, aprons and gloves to us. Please be aware that – while we appreciate the kind gestures and similar offers of support – we do not require additional stocks of donated PPE, so we politely ask that you do not contact us to offer to donate stocks or send such stocks to any of our sites.

Offering support

We value all the offers of help we have received. Please only get in touch if your current or former employment status is listed in the below drop-down box. We may not be able to respond immediately to your requests, and please bear with us while we process all the offers of support. If you are not currently eligible to volunteer as your experience is not listed below, we will not be able to respond to you but do please keep checking back as our volunteering requirements may change. Thank you so much for supporting us at this time.

COVID-19 support form