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Safeguarding ‘at risk’ alerts

We receive alerts from local authorities and primary care trusts across the country about potentially vulnerable adults and children who could be in the London area.

Where possible, we would ask that anyone contacting us with this sort of information considers the following:

  • We can usually only place an alert against a given address, as it is very difficult to ask ambulance staff across London to be alert to a particular individual.
  • Those who call us may not be the patient, or the patient may not give their real name or any name at all. As a result, we do not hold information by patient name but by address, as it is naturally more important that we know where a patient is than what their name is.
  • Where an address is provided, we can log the instruction on our 999 call-taking system. This can be managed by call handling staff and/or passed to the attending ambulance staff. We do, however, request that we are told when this should be removed – for example, when an unborn child at risk has been born.

When an alert does need to be sent through, please only use our [email protected] email address.

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