Patient Transport Service

Our Patient Transport Service offer clinicians a range of transport options to help them with the transfer of their patients.

We handle over 3,000 patient journeys a day to over 1,000 treatment centres and have a variety of vehicles designed to meet the different needs of patients.

As well as being contracted by a number of London hospitals and primary care trusts (PCTs) to take patients to and from their pre-arranged hospital or clinic appointments, we can respond to ad-hoc journey requests and provide specialist transfer facilities.

Patient transport service bookings can only be made by London clinicians.

  • Contracted services

    We are commissioned by a number of London NHS trusts and PCTs to provide non-emergency patient transport for patients attending hospital or clinic appointments carried out by, or on behalf of, the contracting trust/PCT. Each contract is specific to the requirements of the individual organisation and therefore the scope of each contract is different. For example, hours of operations, areas covered, types of patients conveyed.

  • Ad-hoc journeys

    In addition to those journeys covered in non-emergency patient transport service contracts, we are also commissioned to undertake ad-hoc journeys on behalf of contracting trusts/PCTs and other non-contracting healthcare facilities. These journeys require us to provide a specialist service not covered within the scope of the contract, or patients are conveyed on behalf of a facility where the demand for non-emergency patient transport does not warrant a designated contract.

  • Specialist services

    We provide a range of specialist services for a diverse range of patients:

    • Standard outpatient appointments. Patients conveyed into hospital and home again from a contracting trust/PCT site within core operational hours of Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
    • Extra contractual journeys (ECJ). Ad-hoc journeys not covered within a non-emergency patient transport service contract. These journeys may be standard outpatient appointments carried out on behalf of non-contracting sites, or specific journeys not covered within a contract. For example, long-distance transfers out of London.
    • Hospital transfers for babies. We can transfer babies between hospitals using our special-care baby unit ambulance vehicle. This specially-designed ambulance can also be used for adult cardiac transfers.
    • Transport for mental health patients. We take patients to day centres, hospital appointments or specialist clinic appointments and transfer them between units.
    • Transportation of bariatric patients. One of our specially-trained four-person crews can take heavy patients to treatment centres
    • DNAR transfers. We have staff trained to transfer patients who do not wish to be resuscitated to, or from, a treatment centre or hospice.
    • Humanitarian transfers. We can take patients to hospices, typically from hospital, as part of their end of care programme.
  • Why choose us?

    We offer a professional service which provides high quality, individually tailored care to our patients.

    Our 245 staff are based at ambulance stations across London and wear the same familiar uniform as other operational Service staff. All of our staff receive four weeks’ training which enables them to carry out patient transport journeys. They also receive additional on-the-job training to enable them to provide specialist services.

    We are committed to providing the highest possible standard of patient care to all of the patients we convey. We undertake regular patient satisfaction surveys in order to measure our success, and to identify areas for improvement. Surveys are carried out by contract and the information gathered is used to develop contract-specific action plans to ensure that we continue to provide the highest possible patient care.