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Improving heart attack and stroke care

We are part of a national project by ambulance services to improve the care given to patients suspected of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Early and effective treatment of heart attack and stroke gives patients the best chances of survival.

Known as the Ambulance Services Cardiovascular Quality Initiative, the project aims to close the gaps in levels of care given by ambulance services across England.

To give this group of patients the best care possible we want to ensure that they are all given the same assessment and treatment for their condition.

  • Heart attack treatment

    Patients suspected of suffering from a heart attack should expect to be:

    • offered aspirin
    • offered glyceryl nitrate
    • asked about their pain levels before and after treatment
    • offered pain relief.

    Read more about heart attack treatment.

  • Stroke treatment

    Patients suspected of suffering from a stroke should expect our staff to:

    • perform a FAST test to check for signs of a stroke
    • measure their blood glucose level
    • measure their blood pressure level

    Read more about stroke treatment.

    The Ambulance Service Cardiovascular Quality Initiative is organised by The Health Foundation.