Who will respond to your call

When you call for an ambulance for your patient we can respond in a number of different ways:

  • Emergency calls
    • immediately life-threatening – Category A – response within 8 minutes

    In life-threatening emergencies, people often expect an ambulance with two people to arrive, but your patient could also be treated by one of our single responders who arrive by car, motorcycle or bicycle.

    All of these vehicles carry the vital life-saving equipment needed in an emergency. They can get through traffic quicker and means we can get treatment to your patient more quickly. If a single responder is sent, a traditional ambulance response will follow to provide further support and transport for the patient.

  • Urgent calls

    The majority of GP calls fall into the urgent call category and the ambulance crew may be one of our accident and emergency support (A&E Support) staff. They help keep our paramedics and emergency medical technicians free to attend the higher categorised emergency calls.

    We aim to be with the patient within 15 minutes of the time specified by the GP. Similarly, if your assessment requires an emergency response, make this clear to the call operator.