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Fundraising ideas for the #TeamLAS Charity

Do you want to fundraise for our #TeamLAS Charity? Your donations will help to support staff and volunteer wellbeing initiatives, including everything from wellbeing tea trucks to hardship grants.

If you are looking for upcoming fundraising events in London, we’ve pulled together a list for you!

To donate now, or set up a fundraising account, go to

You can also direct any questions about fundraising for #TeamLAS to [email protected].

Outrun an ambulance

Join us for Outrun an Ambulance – a virtual event that challenges competitors to conquer the mileage an Ambulance covers in one shift. Do it your way! If you don’t want to run, you can swim, cycle, scooter, hand-cycle or ride anything that is self propelled. Take part on your own or beat the mileage as part of a team.

Ultra Challenges

  • Date: All year round
  • Description: Are you a walker, jogger, or runner looking for a challenge – to test yourself, or to get in shape? If so, an Ultra Challenge event could be for you. Ultra challenge events occur all around London and the rest of the UK. Take on a challenge of your choice at your own pace, as a team or an individual, open to everyone.
  • Sign up information: Registration fees and fundraising asks vary depending on sponsorship options, please see visit for more details.
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