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Real life: Mark’s story

Heart-attack patient case study – Mark Hollet

mark hollett heart attack reunionMark Hollet, 40, had just dropped off a fare from his black cab one evening in December when he began to experience severe chest pain and dialled 999 for an ambulance.

Paramedic Team Leader Tony Olma was on the scene in four minutes in a fast response car. Emergency Medical Technician Martin Lewis and A&E Support Aamir Beg followed soon after in an ambulance. Paramedic Team Leader Jacqui Ault also attended.

Martin said: “When we arrived Mark was experiencing severe central chest pain radiating down his left arm, the symptoms of a heart attack.

“Using equipment on the ambulance we confirmed that his artery was blocked, but then Mark suffered a cardiac arrest, his heart stopped beating and he was clinically dead. We used a defibrillator (a machine used to restart a patient’s heart by shocking it with electricity) to shock his heart and bring him back to life.”

“We then took Mark directly to the London Chest Hospital, Bethnal Green, one of the eight specialist heart attack centres in the capital, where we knew he would receive the best possible level of care.”

Adam Timmis Professor of Clinical Cardiology at the London Chest Hospital said:”As well as improved mortality rates our Centre is also achieving far better discharge times with patients often being able to return home after just 48 hours compared with the 8-10 days they faced with traditional treatments. This was certainly the case for Mr Hollet and the hospital team who treated him are happy to see that he is recovering well.

Mark said: “It’s great to meet up with the people who came together to save my life and I can’t thank them all enough.”