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Shockingly Easy campaign

Shockingly easy logoWe ran a campaign to get 1,000 extra defibrillators in shops, businesses and gyms across the capital because it’s shockingly easy to save a life in London.

Around 32% of people survive a cardiac arrest in a public place but where there is a defibrillator and someone trained to use it, the chance of survival can increase to 80%.

Our Chairman at the time we ran our campaign, Richard Hunt, said: “Don’t leave it too late to do the right thing.

“Every shop, gym, hotel and office in London should have a defibrillator so they’re ready to save a London life. And they cost very little – it really is just the paper clip budget.”

We offer guidance and support in buying, storing and using a defibrillator, which are safe and easy to use and really make a difference between life and death.

How to get a defibrillator

You can find the details on how to get our support in the following booklet: