Friends and family test

The Friends and Family Test is a simple question, asking you how likely you would be to recommend our service to your friends and members of your family. You can then give more information about your experience if you wish.

It is one way for us to find out what you think of our service, and to give you the opportunity to give us feedback about the care you have received, so that we can make improvements in the future.

Your answers will be anonymous and you can chose whether or not you would like your comments to be shared.

Why are we doing the Friends and Family Test?

It is important that the NHS collects regular feedback from patients and takes action to address any areas of poor patient experience.

The Friends and Family Test is just one of a number of ways in which we collect feedback from patients. The results of the Friends and Family Test are published so that patients and members of the public can see how their local services are viewed by those who have used them.

How to take part in our survey

We have two different surveys – one for patients who have been treated by staff after calling 999, and the other for anyone who has our non-emergency patient transport service.

  • Please complete this survey if you have recently called an ambulance and been treated in your home by our staff, especially if you were not taken to hospital:
  • Please complete this survey if you have recently been transported by our non-emergency patient transport service (for example, if you have been taken to an outpatient appointment):