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Ealing butcher praises London Ambulance Service medics for ‘excellent care’

An Ealing butcher has raised hundreds of pounds for the London Ambulance Service charitable fund after receiving ‘excellent care’ at the hands of Service medics.

An Ealing Butler is reunited with the paramedic who cared for himJohn Richardson, 55, suffered an anaphylactic shock on 10 June at his shop in Northfield Avenue, Ealing.

While working earlier that day, John cut his arm. He went to Ealing Hospital, where he was treated and prescribed a course of antibiotics and feeling better, went back to work at his shop.

However, soon after taking the antibiotics he began to feel unwell.

He said: “I was pale as a sheet and shaking. My staff had never seen me like that and I was scared because I knew what it was as I had an anaphylactic shock before.

“I couldn’t talk properly because my tongue was swollen and my mouth was filling up, and I couldn’t stand properly.”

John’s colleagues called 999 and Paramedic Blake Morrow was soon on scene, quickly followed by Clinical Team Leader David Porter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Ian Derham. David and Ian treated John and took him to West Middlesex Hospital.

“The care was excellent and the guys were absolutely fantastic. I have never known guys more conscientious, helpful and caring. They were absolutely out of this world, they never stopped talking to me and keeping me aware of what was going on. They were just brilliant and I can’t praise them enough.

“Every year the Northfield Avenue Traders’ Association has a fun day and we always have a BBQ outside the shop, giving away burgers and asking people to give donations. This year, I told everyone I was donating to the London Ambulance Service because of what they had done for me.

“It was a fantastic day and a great success for the whole of the road. For me it was very emotional, but it was great because we ended up raising £650 pounds and I couldn’t think of anywhere better to give it than to the people who helped me on that day.”

John was reunited with Clinical Team Leader David on Tuesday, 16 August.

David said: “It’s been really great to see John again and to see an outcome of what we do.

“I think it is excellent news that he is donating the money to us and can contribute to the work we do as a Service as a whole.”


Editor’s notes

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  • The London Ambulance charitable fund exists to support the work of the Service and improve the working environment for our staff.