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Paramedic assaulted – fifth attack in four days

A paramedic was assaulted while responding to an incident on the North Circular Road on Sunday afternoon (16 November) – the fifth reported attack in four days on ambulance crews in the capital.

The medic was responding to a patient with chest pains when a passer-by challenged him about his parking before grabbing him around the throat and shouting at him. He pushed and shoved the paramedic who feared he would end up under a vehicle on the busy A406.

A second ambulance crew – who were also responding to the patient with chest pains – arrived at the scene and were able to call for help. The passer-by was later arrested by police.

Director of Operations, Jason Killens, said: “Attacking my ambulance crews as they go about saving lives in the capital will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

“Medics are already under a great deal of pressure. It is completely unacceptable that they should also face the risk of assault when they go to assist members of the public.”

In a second incident on the same day, a paramedic and an emergency medical technician were kicked by a patient in Battersea. She also tried to bite and scratch them but they were able to restrain her until police arrived.

Other attacks on medics this week include:

  • On Thursday (13 November) a medic had hot tea thrown over her while she was trying to care for a patient in West Wickham.
  • A paramedic in Lewisham was punched in the stomach by her patient on Friday (14 November).
  • Another patient tried to kick, punch and bite an ambulance crew in Fulham on Saturday (15 November).

Jason said: “There is at least one attack a day on ambulance crews in the capital – which is completely unacceptable.

“I would like to thank our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police who responded quickly to these attacks and for helping to keep our crews safe.

“We will now be working with them to help secure a prosecution for every single incident.”

There were 582 reported assaults on our staff and 749 cases of abuse in 2013.