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Industrial Action Update – 13 October 2014

London Ambulance Service is returning to normal after some staff took strike action today between 7am and 11am.

During the strike paramedics, doctors and nurses worked on our ambulances, and also from the emergency control room where they carried out enhanced clinical assessments of patients.

People in a life threatening situation received an emergency ambulance response but others were provided with alternative treatment pathways or were asked to make their own way to hospital.

Director of Operations, Jason Killens, said: “Our plans worked well and we would like to thank all our staff who came to work and those who responded to patients in a critical situation from the picket line.

“We would also like to thank the police, the military and health professionals from other parts of the NHS who supported us.”

Eighty six per cent of control room staff worked during the strike action and 23 per cent of ambulance crews.

Jason said: “Our plans meant we were able to respond to all emergency calls and reach our most seriously ill and injured patients as quickly as possible. Clinical managers worked on the front line, we used more private ambulance crews and also had support from the police, military and the NHS.

There will also be further action ‘short of strike’ during the rest of the week until Friday (17 October). This is expected to include a reduction in the number of ambulance staff available to do overtime.

Jason said: “This is a national dispute over pay and is not specifically related to any issues in London.

“We recognise the right of our staff to take part in national industrial action over pay and we worked with the unions so that we could provide an emergency service for patients.

“We’d like to thank Londoners for their understanding and support. We continue to ask that people call NHS111 and only call 999 for an ambulance in a genuine emergency so we have ambulance crews free to respond to life-threatening emergencies.