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Ilford man who punched ambulance medics sentenced

A man who assaulted a Newham ambulance crew was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, community service and ordered to pay compensation at Thames Magistrates’ Court on 22 January.

Paramedic Richard Frewin and Emergency Medical Technician Jon Laycock were both punched when they were treating Wasim Ahmed, of Hampton Road, Ilford, after he had been assaulted on Romford Road on 9 January.

Jon said: “The patient was initially ok with us but on the way to hospital, he jumped off the trolley bed and punched Richard in the face a few times. I pulled over and when I went to help Richard, the patient attacked me.

“We called for urgent police help and the patient was arrested and taken to hospital in a police van. Richard suffered a black eye and other facial injuries and I had a swollen and bruised shoulder. Due to his injuries, Richard was off work for three weeks.

“You take it for granted that we shouldn’t be subjected to assaults but unfortunately it happens. It’s good that the police take a tough stance on it and prosecute assailants where they can.”

Newham Ambulance Operations Manager Carmel Prior said: “This case demonstrates that assaults on staff will not be tolerated. Our staff should be able to treat patients in their community without fear of being attacked.”

Wasim Ahmed was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, ordered to do 120 hours of community work and pay £85 costs and £250 to both Richard and Jon as compensation.

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