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Service featured on LBC’s Blue Light Week

The Service was featured on LBC’s Blue Light Week today (Tuesday 21 January) after their reporter spent a day in the control room and on the road with an ambulance crew.

Throughout the week LBC’s breakfast show is reporting from the Metropolitan Police, the London Fire Brigade, London’s Air Ambulance and the RNLI.

This morning they reported from the control room capturing Call Handler Sean Cole giving CPR advice to a caller who was with someone in cardiac arrest. They also spoke to a control room manager about the support given to call handlers.

The second clip featured Waterloo Paramedics Jo Pugsley and Tommy Lemon dispatched and cancelled to a patient with a chipped tooth, only then to be sent to a patient in cardiac arrest.

Presenter Nick Ferrari also interviewed our Director of Operations Jason Killens about a YouGov poll finding that 72 per cent of Londoners are confident that an ambulance would turn up on time if they dialled 999, how calls are categorised and praising frontline and control room staff for the job they do on a daily basis.

If Blue Light Week has inspired you to work for us, we are keen to hear from registered paramedics, click here to enquire.