London Ambulance Service staff perform at opening ceremony

Three London Ambulance Service workers performed at the Olympic opening ceremony last night with one 999 call taker describing the experience as ‘exhilarating and magical’.

Emergency medical dispatchers, Meryn Crocker-London and Robert Walsh, along with A&E support worker Sean Fullerton, all had roles in the opening ceremony – watched by millions world-wide.

Meryn, who played a 1940s NHS nurse, said the once in a lifetime experience was ‘amazing – an exhilarating and magical experience’ and described the atmosphere as ‘electric’.

She said: “It’s a wonderful feeling when you are performing and you hear their roars of appreciation and the audience clapping when they love your performance.”

Robert, who performed as a miner in the Industrial Revolution part of the ceremony, said the atmosphere was ‘fabulous’.

He said: “I was part of history and felt really proud showing the world what we have done and what we can achieve. I will be on a high for quite a while.”

While A&E support worker, Sean Fullerton, said he felt like a rock star: “Playing in front of that audience as one of a thousand drummers makes you feel like Mick Jagger. It was an amazing night – a cross between a great party and a concert.

“I can now boast I have shared a stage with both Paul McCartney and the Arctic Monkeys.”

Ambulance staff also had lots of praise for director, Danny Boyle. Robert said: “He is an amazing man. He singled me out during rehearsals after I had to have a back operation and thanked me for my effort in still coming in to rehearse, which meant a lot.

“He was great to work with and made it a great show, as he was involved in every aspect, and always made sure all us volunteers knew where the hot drinks were and a had a poncho if it rained.”

All the performers will keep their costumes as a souvenir of the occasion. Meryn said: “I’m not sure what I’ll do with it – maybe wear it to a fancy dress party. It’s a great memento of our time spent.

“It has been amazing to be involved in the opening ceremony and to be a part of something that is so big.”


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