Head butt assault sentence welcomed

A man who head-butted an ambulance worker while she was treating him has been given a 30-day prison sentence.

Marcin Wroblewski, 25, was convicted of common assault in West London Magistrates Court on Wednesday (11 July).

Emergency Medical Technician Paula Waters was on duty with her crewmate in the early hours of 6 June when they were called to a man lying on the pavement on Uxbridge Road, W12.

The patient was initially unresponsive when the ambulance crew began treating him. The concerned couple who had called 999 told them he smelled of alcohol.

Paula, who’s based at Fulham ambulance station, said: “He was lying on his back with cans of beer around him, and a woman was supporting his head.

“We checked his pulse and he started to come round. As he got to his feet he kept his head down and then head-butted me squarely in the chest before taking a swing, which missed, at my crewmate.

“He ran across the road and started kicking a bike that was chained up. We immediately called for the police over the radio.

“We could see the man was still far too aggressive so we followed him down the street where he started kicking some wheelie bins. In a few minutes the police arrived and arrested him.

“I’ve been in the job 11 years and I can get a sense of when a situation can turn, but this all happened so quickly it caught me off guard. When I saw what he did to the bike I thought ‘that could’ve been me’.

“I’m just really pleased at how quickly the police responded and for the support from my colleagues at the Service.”

Paula was uninjured in the incident and returned to work straight away.

Mr Wroblewski, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to 30 days in prison, and to pay court costs. However, the magistrate noted that the defendant was not employed, and since he had already served 34 days on remand his sentence was deemed as served.

Fulham Ambulance Operations Manager Paul Smith said: “This case demonstrates that assaults on staff will not be tolerated. Our staff should be able to treat patients in their community without fear of being attacked.”

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Notes to editors:

  • Details of the sentence – Marcin Wroblewski was given a 30-day prison sentence. Since he had served 34 days on remand it was deemed as served. The magistrate would have ordered the defendant to pay court costs and compensation to Paula Waters, but since he was unemployed, and unlikely to be able to do this, it deemed as served due to the additional period of remand above the sentence.
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