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Hollywood star’s praise for lifesaving crew

A patient who survived a cardiac arrest in Hyde Park that was witnessed by Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman has appeared on the front page of today’s The Sun newspaper.

A bystander called 999 for an ambulance when Sam Dempster, 27, collapsed while jogging near the Albert Memorial on the morning of 27 April.

A-lister Hoffman, 74, was amongst those who witnessed the collapse. The Oscar winner explained what had happened to paramedics Martin Macarthur and Luke Sullivan, who arrived within two minutes.

The crew performed CPR on Sam and delivered one shock with a defibrillator to restart his heart before taking him to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

He was transferred to Royal Brompton Hospital, where he had the same type of device fitted as Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba, which will restart his heart automatically if it stops again.

Martin said: “When you are dealing with cardiac arrest it is seconds, not minutes that count.

“Any time you turn up the witnesses are the most important people because they can tell you exactly what has happened before the collapse, and there was Dustin Hoffman. It was quite surreal having a Hollywood A-lister giving me the handover but you have to remain professional considering how serious the situation was.

“We got there very quickly and it was obvious Sam was in cardiac arrest. He was taking dying breaths so we had to act fast. Dustin had turned him over on to his back which was really useful and would have assisted in making sure his airway was open.

“We gave him CPR and then shocked him with the defibrillator. Dustin was really interested in what was happening but did not interfere in any way. Once we had resuscitated Sam, Dustin came over and said ‘Great job, guys’.”

 Sam said: “I just want to thank Dustin Hoffman, Martin and Luke, who successfully resuscitated me, and all the staff at both Chelsea and Westminster, and Royal Brompton Hospitals.

“I can’t wait to get running around the park again.”

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