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Message to staff about further adverse weather

The Met Office has today warned that there is a 60 per cent chance of disruption in London tomorrow (Friday) due to more adverse weather being predicted.

Staff made considerable efforts to get to work during the bad weather this week but unfortunately it is likely that travelling by car or public transport could be difficult tomorrow and over the weekend.

I would ask that all staff review their transport arrangements and consider how they will get into work. Any staff who anticipate having any problems getting in should contact their local resource centre.

Pick-up points will be arranged as necessary across the capital so that staff based centrally or some distance away can be collected and taken to their place of work.

Staff who do not think they can get to their satellite station should instead report to their main ambulance station if possible. Consideration should also be given to making car-sharing arrangements with work colleagues.

If there is severe disruption to public transport and affected staff are able to use their own transport then the Service will meet any congestion charges incurred and, where necessary, car parking charges.

It is also advisable that staff consider taking spare uniform or clothing to work to ensure they are prepared if bad weather prevents them being able to return home.

The adverse weather will inevitably place more pressure on us and I would like to thank all staff for their efforts to help us continue to maintain our service.

Further information will be made available via the pulse, the Service external website, and passed to local resource centres as necessary.

Richard Webber
Acting Director of Operations