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Update on staffing arrangements during adverse weather conditions

The continuing adverse weather conditions have placed the Service under further pressure today.

Although the snow appears to have stopped, further bad weather is predicted over the next few days and today’s icy conditions mean that the call rate was high this morning but has fallen as the day has progressed.

Difficult driving conditions, particularly off main roads, mean it has been harder to reach our patients quickly and affected our performance. We remain at REAP level four – critical – and this will be kept under review.

Staffing levels both in the control room and on the road have improved and I would like to thank everyone for the efforts they have made to get into work both today and yesterday to help us maintain our service. I am aware of several staff who walked considerable distances to get to work.

With public transport beginning to get back to normal I hope journeys to and from work will become much easier and staffing levels should therefore improve further.

We are anticipating worse weather and are drawing up arrangements to enable us to run as normal a service as possible. Details of these will be available via the pulse, the Service external website, and passed to local resource centres.

The Mayor has re-instated the congestion charge but the Service decided to meet charges incurred by staff who drove into work today. With public transport getting back to normal, this arrangement will not continue tomorrow but will be kept under review should the weather worsen and will be reinstated if needs be. Staff are asked to review their transport arrangements and consider car-sharing arrangements where possible.

Once again, I would like to thank staff for their efforts over what has been a particularly challenging couple of days.

Richard Webber
Acting Director of Operations