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Adverse weather conditions – message to London Ambulance Service staff

As staff will be aware the current weather conditions are placing the Service under extreme pressure. Problems are expected to continue with more snow and icy conditions expected over the next 48 hours.

Despite the current difficulties we have maintained similar levels of resources today as any other day, and I would like to thank all staff for the efforts they have made to get into work to help us maintain our service.

A number of arrangements are in place to enable us to manage our service over the next couple of days.

Reporting to main stations

Staff who cannot get into their satellite station should report to their main ambulance station if possible.

Pick-up points

Arrangements are being made across the capital to identify a number of pick-up points where staff who are based centrally or some distance away can be collected and taken to their place of work. Local resource centres will be able to provide staff with these details.

Staff availability

If any members of staff anticipate problems getting into work over the next 48 hours they should contact their resource centre as soon as possible.

Congestion charge

The Mayor has temporarily suspended the congestion charge today, and staff should check whether this remains the case over the next couple of days. Any congestion charges incurred by staff who drive into work during the current adverse weather will be met by the Service.

Richard Webber

Acting Director of Operations