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Incident on Haymarket, SW1

Background information on the crew who attended:

  • One male aged 27 years old is a paramedic who has worked for the Service for seven years.
  • One male aged 37 years old is an emergency medical technician who has worked for the Service for 13 years.
  • Both staff were involved in the Service’s response to the 7 July bombings in London.

To be attributed to a male emergency medical technician aged 37, who was one half of the London Ambulance Service crew who alerted the police to the suspect vehicle:

“As we pulled up outside Tiger Tiger, we came to a stop behind a Mercedes car which was parked rather badly, about three feet from the curb. We thought it was a bit odd and that led my crewmate, who was driving, to pull round the car and park just in front of it.

“As we got out and walked past the car, we realised it had its lights on but the engine was off. I thought I saw a jet of smoke coming out from between the front seats and my crew mate also noticed there was a funny smell of gas.

“At that stage, our priority was to find and help the patient we had been called to. Once inside, we treated a man who had suffered minor head injuries after a fall. He didn’t need to go to hospital so we sorted him out quite quickly and headed back outside to our ambulance.

“We can’t have been inside for more than a few minutes and as soon as we got outside we smelt gas again. Then we saw the jet of smoke was still there so we got straight on the radio to our control room and asked them to call the police and the fire brigade.

“We just did what any ambulance crew would have done; we noticed something we thought was odd and we acted on it. I’m just glad that we managed to do that before it was too late.”

Further quote to be attributed to Russell Smith, Deputy Director of Operations at London Ambulance Service:

“We are immensely proud of the part our crew had to play in alerting the police to the suspect vehicle and genuinely believe that their vigilance and prompt action helped saved the lives of many people in London.

“This is a great example of the part we as individuals can play in helping to keep each other safe. I’d strongly echo the advice of the police to all Londoners to stay alert and if they see anything suspicious or unusual, to contact the confidential anti-terrorist hotline.”

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Note to editors:

No further information about the crew, their names, or where they work is available and they will not be available for any interviews.