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Mother’s instinct to save her child

An alert mother put her skills to the test when she saved her baby from choking just minutes after receiving first-aid training from the London Ambulance Service.

Millicent Balfor, of Lampard Grove in Stoke Newington, was attending a training session on first aid for babies at the Stamford Hill Community Centre on Wednesday 7 December when her seven-month-old daughter Allicia began choking.

“I’d left Allicia on the mat next to me to play while I took notes for the course,” explained Millicent. “We were using a mannequin to learn how to rescue a baby from choking when she started to cough.”

Millicent turned round to find her daughter choking. She immediately picked Allicia up, put her over her knee and patted her between the shoulder blades with the heel of her hand five times, as she had learnt to do just five minutes before.

“Allicia coughed up a piece of fruit that one of the other children must have given her,” said Millicent. “When I turned her back over she was smiling at me. Once the other mums realised what had happened they gave me a standing ovation!

“I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t been for the training,” said Millicent. “As it was I was quite shaken for the rest of the day, but I’m just glad that Allicia’s okay.”

Dixie Dean, the London Ambulance Service Community Resuscitation Officer who was taking the course, was amazed at the quick reactions of Millicent.

“When Allicia started to choke, Millicent was there in a second, administering the first aid I had just taught the group,” said Dixie. “I jumped up to take over, but she had the situation under control. All I could do was to thank her and Allicia for the free demonstration!”

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Notes to editors

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The London Ambulance Service Community Resuscitation team provides healthcare training to the public as part of the Surestart scheme.