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20:00hrs – Response to explosions in London today

London Ambulance Service has been working alongside other emergency services throughout Thursday 7 July to respond to four explosions at locations in central London, where a total of 37 fatalities have been confirmed.

The first call was received shortly after ten to nine in the morning, to a location on the underground network between Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations. It has now been confirmed that seven people died here. The next explosion took place at Edgware Road Underground station, where seven people died. The third explosion was on the Underground between Kings Cross and Russell Square station. At this location, 21 people were killed. The final explosion took place on a bus at Tavistock Place, where two people were killed.

The London Ambulance Service has treated approximately 45 people for critical and serious injuries, and a further 350 for minor injuries. Many other patients will have made their own way to hospital for treatment.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who have offered assistance, and to praise patients and members of the public at incidents for the calm way in which they helped us to deal with these terrible incidents.

The London Ambulance Service and other services who have assisted have done sterling work in responding to these events.

This has been a tragic day for London. The thoughts of the London Ambulance Service are with the friends and families of those affected by the incident.

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