Pamela Chamberlain - Romford

Romford community responder Pamela ChamberlainPamela Chamberlain is a volunteer with the community first responder scheme in Romford.

Why did you want to be a volunteer?

My son witnessed a man having a cardiac arrest in a remote park a few years ago. He felt so helpless as he didn’t know what to do. It made me realise that I could be in the same position, unable to help. I then read an article in the local paper about the community responder scheme. It just seemed the right thing for me to do – not only learning a skill, but helping people in my local community.

What do you do for a living?

I have no medical background and I work from home running my own parcel distribution depot. 

What hours are you on duty?

I normally work at least one four-hour shift a week or at the weekend.

How often are you called each shift?

This can vary but I have been called twice in one shift, and not at all in other shifts.

What sort of medical emergencies have you attended?

I have attended people with chest pains, difficulty in breathing, and people who had fainted or were unconscious.