June Bedding - Havering volunteer profile

June Bedding, community responder in HaveringJune Bedding is a volunteer with the community first responder scheme in Havering.

Why did you want to be a volunteer?

Over 40 years ago my father died in front of me and I could not do anything to help him. I wanted to prevent other people going through the same thing with a loved one so I decided to become a community responder.

What do you do for a living?

I am retired so I have plenty of time to volunteer. I used to be an auxiliary district nurse, which meant I went out and supported the work of local nurses, changed people’s wound dressings and so on. I wanted to continue working in my community and caring for other people.

What hours are you on duty?

I normally work a four hour shift but sometimes a call out takes me over my finish time. We work Monday to Friday either the day shift, 10am to 2pm, or the evening shift, 7pm to 11pm. We’ve also just started covering Saturday nights too.

How often are you called each shift?

The amount of calls I receive each shift varies. One shift I may have none, then again I could be kept busy all evening with three or four call outs.

What sort of medical emergencies have you attended?

I have attended everything from diabetic episodes, chest pains, panic attacks and strokes. I remember once helping paramedics resuscitate a man who had collapsed and stopped breathing in the street. I stayed with the patient until he was booked in at hospital - it was only then that I felt my care had been completed.