Paramedic Tom Kendall

Paramedic Tom KendallI didn’t consider being anything but a paramedic. I always liked the idea of doing a job that was a bit different, something that gave me the chance to meet lots of people.

In the third year of my Paramedic Science degree at Hertfordshire University, I did a full time placement with London Ambulance Service. I was out in the ambulance with just one other paramedic, so I had lots of responsibility. There was extra pressure, but it suddenly felt like my job – not just part of my degree.

I’ve been qualified for just under a year now. The scale of London and the variety of work you get here is something I really enjoy. I’m based in north west London, and the types of calls we get vary massively. The unpredictability of my role is exactly what I’d hoped for before I joined.

Being in London is especially good for secondment opportunities – I’m on one now with the fast response car. You’re out on your own doing lots of things at once, so it can be challenging. But it’s a great opportunity to build confidence and learn how to lead a team. You have to update other members of staff on the decisions you’ve made when they arrive. I’m learning all the skills I’ll need to apply for an advanced paramedic role in a few years, that’s something I’d really like to do.